The best 10 sex myths, every student gets the wrong value

We have asked a specialist on the ground that students are still wrong

Despite the fact that we are adults with access to the Internet, sex still seems to be a topic that firmly holds the roots of taboos. So I went and did a shameful job for you

I asked Dr. Robin Milhausen, a researcher on matters of sexuality, and a deputy chairman of the Family and Nutrition Division at the University of Guelph, what she thought of some of the most common issues. And more importantly, if she could set a straight record

No wonder she has very useful tips for all of us

First of all, yes, having sex for your period is quite acceptable. And many professionals encourage him if you feel comfortable

However, sex during your period does not completely eliminate the risk of pregnancy

If you have a shorter cycle than usual, or you have a shorter cycle on average, you can loop you around shortly after your period

Dr. Milhausen says you're not pregnant if you had sex when you had a period, but it's possible. On the day of the 14th women's menstrual cycle is carried out on the basis of AVERAGE.  Your period starts from 1 day and can last up to 7 days.  If you have a shorter cycle than usual, or you have a shorter cycle on average, you can loop you around shortly after your period.  And spermatozoids can be anywhere from 3 to 5 days-it is possible that sperm and an egg can meet and fertilize. "

Therefore, if you want to have sex during your period, use other forms of birth control, such as condoms

No matter what anyone claims, condoms should not be allowed, if properly used, to avoid pleasure for any party involved

"Based on thousands of participants there were no differences in the evaluation of pleasure for sex."

According to Dr. Milhausen, " The results of two national studies, one in the United States and one in Canada, asked participants about the last time they had vaginal sex, including whether they used a condom and how pleasant it was to meet. There were thousands of participants who did not differ in the satisfaction of sex, depending on whether or not the condom was used. "

Thus, the use of condoms is a safe, stressless and pleasant way to enjoy sex. Dr. Milhausen also explains that the condom technology is long and many of them are now being developed with pleasure

She also believes that it is important to note that condoms never blame the wrong sex, but many other factors. Make sure you are comfortable working with your partner (s) and participate in the foreplay in order to provide the best experience for all participants. Dr. Milhausen also notes: "The mind that comes from having sex with condoms, in fact, can release people to have better sex with less excitement."

A simple answer to this is "

The myth that women have some mysterious barrier to break the first time they had sex is as much as I remember. The thing is, for the first time, everyone has sex problems, and it's probably not gonna be the same as porn. But you can't expect to hurt

This is from a long history in which women cannot be sexually active

If you haven't had that first sexual experience, don't be afraid of him. Make sure you're comfortable with your partner, take part in the foreplay, and use condoms. He's making an effort to make your sexuality pleasant

What does Dr. Milhausen think? " It would be wonderful and would be fine if you did. But research shows that about 25 percent of women have an orgasm every time they have sex.  That's more for men.  Although I speak for the frequency and equality of orgasms, I am also concerned that people have a gender-oriented perspective.  And the concern that orgasms would definitely become a distraction from focusing on a pleasant feeling, and then it would reduce the possibility that orgasm would occur at all. "

So when you embark on the adventurers of sexual activity, you will think about enjoying your journey, not worrying about how to get to the destination

It's just cold facts. Honestly, the size of someone's penis is nothing but theirs. So it's probably best if we stop guessing that someone has a genital situation on the basis of their appearance

While we are on the subject of penises, the size doesn't affect the ability of someone to enjoy sex. If you're sharing with your intimate partner, you can find out what works for you

Oral sex and sex toys are just a couple of examples

And at the end, if you feel that you've tried all the possible positions that you can physically achieve, and you don't create a pleasant experience, there are many other options. Oral sex and sex toys are just a couple of examples. But it's important to remember that any sexy you want to create for yourself is as normal as everyone else

To continue my life, sex is sex

At the end of the day, if you are sharing bodily fluids with someone, you give a large amount of bacteria

Whether you have sex or not is considered to be a real sexual experience. It's also important to note that just because you don't have sex, it doesn't mean there's no risk. At the end of the day, if you're sharing bodily fluids with someone, you take a lot of bacteria back and back. And you should always strive to have the safest sex

Do something better and best for you and your sexual partners. Oral sex, manual sex, sex with toys, all that intimate, everything in power, and it could be amazing

"The filling of gender stereotypes about sexual desire does not help anyone."

Perhaps because of these long, permanent social constructions, this myth may still contain some truth. However, according to Dr. Milhausen, it is important to bear in mind that " the difference between the sexes can be true, on average. But there are many women with great desire and many men with a weak desire.  The filling of gender stereotypes of sexual desire does not help anyone.  Better discuss this with your partner on one basis. "

This is some kind of bullshit that the Patriarchate came up with

The myth that vaginas become "free" when someone has a lot of sex, just to prevent women from having as much sex as they want. This is some bullshit that patriarchy came up with. When you turn on the network, your body will be prepared to prepare for pregnant sex. Your vagina is naturally vagued. The clitoris, the vaginal openings and the maze. And after you have sex, your body will naturally come out of this maximum and return to its original state

So you'll have as much sex as you, because your vagina will be fine

Sex that happens in real life doesn't have the whole team to make sure that you and your partner look perfect

Like some pleasure, being a pornographic actor is a job. And part of the work is playing its part to translate it into the screen and turn other people. Sex that happens in real life doesn't have the whole team to make sure that you and your partner look perfect. You don't get all the angles to the right. It's not gonna be an amazing, erotic, cinematic experience that you expected. It's okay if you have sex that's different from porn because everyone else

The only thing that matters is that your sex is safe, consensual and pleasant for you and your partners. No one is perfect, and it may be awkward, awkward or uncomfortable. It is always convenient to talk about things with your partner, as well as with your doctor. If you're not sure, just ask

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