How to write a personal essay

Each of us has an exciting story to tell our friends, or experience, to share with others. Sometimes we also feel the need to express some of our impressions or ideas, surprise the audience or share something really personal. And that's exactly what it means under the personal essay. Many students face this academic appointment, but often do not even understand what paper it represents and what it is and what it is. Although, in fact, there is nothing difficult about this task. How do I write a personal essays? This question is fairly straightforward for students, and the answer is quite simple: you have to learn the basics of this essay, and then you will understand that this is a real piece of pie

What is a personal essay: common goals?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you're asked to define a personal essay? Most likely you'll think about an essay that will contain some personal information. And you will not be wrong! The central purpose of this essay is to describe and describe your personal feelings, ideas or experiences that may be useful or for your audience. It's not an autobiographical novel, but a description of the particular case that you experienced and that taught you something or made you think about some things. Let' s summarize what can be a good basis for a great personal essay:

  • your response to events that occur around (from news, articles, blogs);
  • an important episode of your life (not just childhood);
  • The description of the person or relationship that affected your life;
  • Visit a specific location that has become significant for you;
  • Of course, it is not clear enough to explain clearly what a personal essay is. Your main task is to fill your essay with relevant facts and thoughts that attract the attention of the audience, be interesting and informative. That is why you should pay particular attention to the structure of the personal essay, as well as thoughtfully fill in each of its components. We will talk about the structure of your future essay in more detail, and now we will answer the question that you might ask, since a personal essay quite demanded its content. How long should a profile be? The duration of your recording may vary depending on whether you are a school, college or university student. However, total working hours may range from 200 to 650 words. Therefore, before you begin to write an essay, be sure to find out all the prerequisites for your professor

    Let' s move from a more general to a more detailed examination of a personal essay, and the first thing that we start with is a scheme

    Personal essay: The kernel of your record

    If we are talking about a scheme as the general structure of your essay, it will contain an introduction, part of the body, and conclusions familiar to each student. The outline may also be a mandatory part of any scientific work, including essays, and is prepared separately from the text itself. The personal essay diagram that is made before you start working on the document itself will help you identify the most important points in your work, arrange these paragraphs systematically and stick to one of the main ideas you're going to allocate. All of these steps are necessary for you to be sure that your paper meets the basic requirements of your personal format, and that you can get a complete, logical, and complete record rather than a set of different paragraphs that do not appear to belong to the context

    Well, now be ready to dive into the metaphor of the world of personal essay and step by step

    How to start a personal note: Get Off to a Good Start

    Any pompany, as well as written an essay, must ensure a successful start. Let' s think logically. You are unlikely to make yourself read a book that doesn't interest you in the first pages, but would rather devote your time to something more important, let it simply read a more interesting and informative article of the blog on the Internet. Your personal essay should not be delayed until a better time, you must remember the basic requirements for introduction, and ways to turn it into a real bait for your audience. Since a personal essay is a description of some aspects of your life, you need to make sure that the reader is interested in learning more about your original point of view, about some particular problem, or to learn from your experience. Regardless of what is described in the body of the paper, this should be a logical continuation of the chapeau. That is, your introduction should be a description or preface of the event, experience, or specific thoughts. Okay, get the audience's attention! Here are some hints that you should avoid:

    There is one useful hint that can be implemented effectively. Remember some of the TV shows you've been watching lately. How often ends one series, so that you get nervous and ask yourself, "Oh, my God, what happens next?" Now imagine you're the director of this series. What would you do to get your show up and get the audience?

    Body part of your personal essay: Enter interesting information

    When you plan to write a body part for your personal essay, one of the most common questions you may encounter is how to write about one thing from your life (be it an event, a person, a visit, memory, etc.) and follow the rule, at least in three paragraphs. In order to make part of the essays fascinating and agreeable to most readers and maintaining a minimum of redundant information and "empty" offers, all you have to do is to be open and fill your essay with life. To make your essays, you can use metaphorical thinking and other stylistic devices. Remember, if you are sincere, your personal essay must be truly amazing, because you will certainly make an effort to achieve a better result. But what do I write in three paragraphs? Here are some ideas from which you can go from writing a part of the body of an essay:

  • describe in detail the feelings and thoughts that were provoked by certain events/act/person;
  • use a quote from a known image that would be related to the subject of your essay
  • draw a parallel between events of your life with the plot of a movie or a book;
  • Compare what was before and after what you described in an essay
  • Do not show, but show: use different images and descriptions to interest the audience and make it impressed. Remember the keyword "personal". Do nothing but your own thoughts, and if you use any references, always specify the source

    How to finish a personal essays and make an impression on everyone

    When you prepare a conclusion, it is not enough just to say "And that's what happened" and make a point. Your personal essay is a summary of your own reflection of certain events in your life. How was that change? What are you going to do after? It is important that you focus on the last part of your essay not only on yourself, but also on readers, in particular. Your main task is to influence the audience with ideas and conclusions. Shut the reader, and no one will remain indifferent! Make sure that your viewers feel what you feel, and you see the situation with your eyes is the main goal of the last part of your recording

    Personal questions on topics worth sharing

    The theme of the personal essay is your foundation, which should be reliable, reliable and attractive to your readers. Because this essay is personal, it is important to choose a subject that is very important to you and which is close to your audience. Think about these things or the problems your friends would like to talk about, or what kind of advice they'd like to get. As your experience, feelings or thoughts are useful for sharing with others. Perhaps a particular section of the list of personal information about the essay will attract your attention and become the basis of an ideal essay?

  • As soon as you entered the world of adults
  • The historical vision you'd like to visit
  • Experience with a dilemma
  • The time you were the bearer of bad news
  • Your secret place you want to go back to
  • How did you find the comfort zone?
  • An event that made you closer to your family
  • To have a problem with the biggest problem in your life
  • The man who changed your life
  • Last visit to the zoo or the circus
  • The moment you felt braver than ever
  • Something you're most sorry about
  • The person to whom you want to send the e-mail
  • Last argument with a close friend
  • A symbol with which you have a lot in common
  • The time in the history that you'd like to go to
  • Your favorite color and what it means to you
  • That time you trusted someone
  • Time when someone didn' t recover from your expectations
  • The most memorable journey of your life
  • We have no doubt that, using our professional advice and advice, you will succeed in writing a personal essay as easily as one of the two. Examine each recommendation carefully and provide an updated document that will surprise everyone who reads it